Maison Blanche La Thuile

La Thuile restaurant on the ski slopes

Maison Blanche welcomes you for lunch, when the ski-lift is open and you can reach it through the pistes, as well as dinner, thanks to our exclusive snowmobile service, which brings you right to the restaurant’s door.

Greeted with the renowned hospitality of the people of Valle d’Aosta, you can enjoy traditional dishes from the area and a special selection of wine catered by the owners.

Within the historical walls of Maison Blanche – Mountain Lodge you shall find all the ingredients for unforgettable memories.


Muffled sounds… snow is coming.
Candid streets go quiet…
The valley vanishes under a snowy blanket
silence lingers
like a weighty dream upon the mountain.
The charm of cotton candy forests,
the sweeter light at dusk…
The thousand colored faces of snowflakes
shining in the sunlight,
the wind rustling the bare branches
with its overbearing blow
in stormy days.
Magic glimpses of nature.
Surreal landscapes… pure… genuine…
Peaks robbing the sky of space.
The atmosphere of a tiny mountain village
scented with traditional smells,
a warm fire, when outside the blizzard rages.
The air stings and tickles your nose,
red cheeks
and the shrieks of children speeding on a sledge.
Sliding down immaculate slopes,
zigzagging between overflowing larches.None of it is a dream,
it is our reality .
Some may have sacks of gold;
this is true wealth for us,
remaining to embellish our valley.


Valentina Martinet

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